How can I pay my camp fees? 

Camp fees can be paid in one of three ways:

  • Pay cash on the first day of camp

  • Pay via bank transfer - you will emailed the bank details once your application is accepted

  • Pay via cheque, details below

To pay via cheque:

  • Please make the cheque out to 'Pioneer Two'

  • Please post it to:  Cassandra Simpson,  184 Market Street, Eastleigh, Southampton, Hampshire, SO50 5PT

How much are the camp fees? 

Camp fees for 2019 are £140 for the full week.

I am a volunteer and can only come for part of the week,  do I get a discount? 

Please see below to for how much you will pay:

1 Night - £28

2 Nights - £54

3 Nights - £80

4 Night - £106

5 - 6 Nights - £140

If you are just visiting for a day and not staying overnight, you will need to pay £4 per meal. If you're joining us on a day-trip off-site, you may also need to pay for your entrance fee.

I am a camper and can only come for part of the week,  do I get a discount? 

Campers cannot get a discount price as you will be taking the place of a full time camper so must pay the same amount even if you cannot attend for the full week.

Do children get a discount? 

Everyone aged 14 and over pays full price.  
Children aged 9 - 13 pay 80% of the regular fees.
Children aged 4 - 8 pay 50% of regular fees. 
Children 3 and under are free.

Do you do a student/unemployed person discount? 

Generally we do not but if you are a volunteer and paying camp fees is a limiting factor in your attendance then please contact us and we will see if we can negotiate a discount in confidence.

Why do volunteers pay the same camp fees as campers? 

Pioneer II is about providing accessible camping to people with disabilities.  This means financially accessible as well as physically. 
If our campers' camp fees were subsidising our volunteers', some of the campers would not be able to attend. 
Also as a volunteer you will have access to all the same activities, events and fun as the campers.

What do my camp fees cover? 

Pioneer II is all inclusive.  Your camp fees cover your accommodation, your food and all activities on site and off. 
If we plan a day trip off site,  you may need to buy your own lunch or dinner from your own choice of eatery. Similarly we may have a trip to a local pub and you will need to buy your own drinks. We will let you know in advance if either of these will be the case. 
Otherwise you may want to bring extra money for souvenirs,  alcohol for evenings other than party night (when we provide the booze) and small miscellaneous needs for the week (newspapers,  forgotten toothbrushes etc.) 
Sometimes we plan a shopping trip in the timetable,  again we will let you know in advance so you can bring money as necessary.

How do you decide the price of Pioneer II? 

Woodlarks Campsite Trust charges at set price per person per night to cover the running costs of the campsite. 
The P2 Committee then make an assessment on how much it will cost to provide the activities, transport and entertainment for the week.  We will also consider food and drink costs for the week.  When there is a price rise,  it is usually because of an increase in food or petrol prices,  due to inflation, or due to Woodlarks raising the campsite fees (again this is usually to reflect inflation). 
We try to keep camp as affordable as possible for everyone and camp fees are subsidised by fundraising and donations.