Every volunteer over the age of 16 years old needs to have a Criminal Records Bureau Records (CRB) Check or a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check for Pioneer II.  This is a legal requirement and one of the ways that we ensure that our Campers (many of whom are classed as vulnerable adults) and our Volunteers (of all ages) are in as safe an environment as possible.  

We also take references for new volunteers to double check that all of our volunteers will be contributing to a happy and safe camp.

DBS Checks take time to come through, so please read the below information and take the necessary action on your DBS as soon as possible

DBS/CRB Checks

Do I need to hold a DBS check to come to camp?

All volunteers over 16 years old on 6th August 2016 will need a DBS check to come to camp. (If you are under 16 on the 6th august 2016, please tick the relevant box on you application form.)

I have an existing CRB or DBS Check, can I use it for Pioneer II ? (If you don't have an existing DBS Check, please skip ahead to the next section)

Sometimes we are able to accept existing CRB / DBS checks. If you have an existing CRB / DBS check, please consult this flow chart (opens a new window/tab) to see if we can accept your existing CRB / DBS check.

If you can use your existing CRB/DBS Check, please send a scan of it and/or your DBS number to us via email as soon as possible.  The email address is pioneertwo@gmail.com

I need a new DBS Check to come to Pioneer II

Brian Drew is our DBS co-ordinator. If you select on your application form that you need a DBS Check, we will send you his contact details and you should get in touch via email as soon as possible to arrange your DBS Check.

Who can see my personal data?

Our DBS Panel consists of three people - Our Camp Leader, Cassandra Simpson, and our two DBS Officers, Brian Drew and Chloe Scott-Mearns.  If your DBS Check come back completely clear, only the DBS Officer who processed your DBS Check will have access to your data.

If your DBS Check returns with a flag on your file then all three member of the DBS Panel will have access to your data as they will need to decide whether or not we will still accept your application to camp.

I have a criminal record, can I still come to Pioneer II?

Some offences will mean that you will automatically be excluded from working with vulnerable adults and children.  

Other offences do not automatically preclude you from volunteering at Pioneer II. In these instances, the DBS Panel will make the decision on whether or not you can attend on a case by case basis.

Depending on the nature of the offence and when the offence took place, we may, though not always, place conditions on your attendance at Pioneer II. These could include, but are not limited to, not allowing you to work with money or medications or not drinking during the camp week.  If you break these restrictions you may be asked to leave site immediately. 


In addition to your DBS Check, all volunteers over 16 who are new to Pioneer II Camp will need at least one reference.

If you have attended a Woodlarks Campsite Trust camp before, we will would like to contact your previous Camp Leader for your reference. This is becasue they will best placed to assess your behaviour in a camp environment. We will only need this one reference from you.

If you have not attended a Woodlarks Campsite Trust camp before we will require two references from you.  At least one of these referees should be professional (or  from a teacher if you are still in education). We will accept a non-professional character reference for your second reference, but this cannot be from anyone you are related to.

If we require a reference from you, please provide contact details for your referee/s on your application form. We will contact them.  You should also notify your referees that they will hear from us in advance to speed up the process.