New for 2018!

Camp merchandise now available!

We now have a range of camp merchandise with our camp logo on it via  Items include t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, notebooks, stickers, bags and more.

10% of the price goes straight to Pioneer Two.

Pioneer II is about providing accessible camping to people with disabilities.  This means financially accessible as well as physically, so our volunteers are continually working hard all year around to raise money to keep Pioneer II as affordable as possible. This fundraising is essential to making sure Pioneer II is truly accessible for all.

Upcoming Challenges...

If you'd like to run a fundraising event, please get in touch with us via the Facebook page: 

Who are the Pioneer Challengers?

The Pioneer Challengers cycle long distances, run through mud and up travelators and abseil down buildings all in the name of raising money for Pioneer II camp.
To make Pioneer II affordable for our Campers and Volunteers, the Pioneer Challengers spend their time and energy training for and organising fundraising events all year round. 

Past events have included cycling the  Thames path (from source to the Thames Barrier) and running the  Clapham 'Rough Runner', a race that involved running, jumping, water obstacles and inflatable warriors.

So far the Pioneer Challengers have raised over £1500!

Thanks to Cass Simpson, Paul Fox, Al Stuart, Mark Richards and Jen Cooley for their physical feats and fundraising efforts.

(L-R) Cass Simpson, Mark Richards, Al Stuart and Paul Fox. At the Thames Barrier and all very tired after four days cycling!

(L-r) Cass Simpson, Paul Fox and Jen Cooley after the Clapham Rough Runner.

(L-r) Cass Simpson, Paul Fox and Jen Cooley after the Clapham Rough Runner.