Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to bring my own tent?

If you do not have your own tent, then you must let us know on your application form (or email us if you’ve already applied) and we will allocate you space in a camp tent. Please note that if you sleep in a camp tent, you will probably have to share with at least one another person.

Do I have to pay for anything at camp?

Generally speaking camp is ‘all inclusive’.  Your meals, trips and accommodation are all included in your camp fees. However, there are a few extras that you may wish to bring money for during the week.

Firstly we will be having trips off-site which often include chances to shop. There’s usually one meal a week where we are off-site and you will be expected to pay for your own food wherever you would like to go. We also sometimes go to the pub for an evening out.

One of the volunteers usually does a daily run to the local supermarket for newspapers, cigarettes, snacks, toothpaste and any other miscellaneous items you may need. Also, we provide alcohol with some of our evening entertainments, but if you would like particular alcohol or alcohol more often, you will need money for these to be bought for you.

There will also be the possibility to buy some camp merchandise.  Further details of this will be provided once items and prices are confirmed.



Can I bring my own carer/s with me?

You are very welcome to bring your own carer/s with you. Please note that as Campers and Volunteers all pay the same camp fees, your carer/s will also be expected to pay the full camp fee (or you may pay it for them).

Both the Campers’ and the Volunteers’ forms have sections to if a specific Volunteer should be assigned to a specific Camper.  Please also use this space to note whether or not your Carer will need extra help to care for you throughout the week.

IMPORTANT: The Carer will require a DBS Check.  See here for further details: DBS Checks and references


This sounds great but I'm busy the week Pioneer II is running

There are number of camps that run at Woodlarks Campsite. If you can’t attend our camp have a look at the other Woodlarks Campsite Trust camps