Apply to camp with Pioneer II: 10th - 17th August 2019

When will my place at Pioneer II be confirmed? 

P2 is entirely volunteer run.  This means that every year the camp size is dependent on the number of volunteers that we can secure. 
For campers this means that applying to P2 does not guarantee that you will receive a place.  We cannot guarantee places until we know that we have enough volunteers to safely care for you for the week. 
We aim to let you know whether or not that your camp place is guaranteed by the end of June. 

Important note about camp dates and times

Pioneer II starts at 1600 on the first Saturday.  Do not arrive at the campsite before this time,  you will be asked to leave site until 1600 for your own safety.

Every year we hope to run pioneer II so that campers can stay from Saturday 1600 to Saturday 1000. 

When we confirm your place we will be able to give you all the details you need to have a great week with us.

Information on Application Form

The form seems a little bit long but most of the information is the kind you'll know off the top of your head so it hopefully won't take too long.

You need to fill the form in in one go (you can't save and come back) so you'll probably want to ensure you know the following before you start:

  • The contact details of your emergency contact for the week

  • The contact details for your GP and NHS number (if known)

(Returning campers, if you're wondering why we ask you the same info every year, firstly we have to make sure we are working with accurate info every year. Secondly, under the Data Protection Act we have to delete/destroy all data other than your contact details after every camp.)

Application Form - 2019

Personal Details
Name *
Date of birth *
Date of birth
Address *
Telephone number *
Telephone number
Mobile phone number
Mobile phone number
Emergency Contact Details
Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
During the camp week
Medical information
(This is not the same as your National Insurance Number)
Name of GP *
Name of GP
GP Surgery's Address *
GP Surgery's Address
Date of Last tetanus injection
Date of Last tetanus injection
(If known)
eg. particular foods, drugs, insects etc.
Please be aware that we are a voluntary group and offer a companion holiday to you, we cannot be liable for your safety should you chose not to follow the guidance of your patrol leader or the person allocated to look after you. We are not in a position to dispense controlled drugs. We can only offer a First aid level of care and personal hygiene assistance. We can look after your medicines in a secure cabinet but you are responsible to ensure that you receive them as directed by your medical advisor. If you require a higher personal level of (medical) care then you should have a care assistant come to camp with you. If you prefer to keep personal possession of your medication, please still advise the Duty First Aider what you have with you in case of an accident as we may need to advise a doctor or ambulance crew. Please be careful to keep all medicines safe at all times as there are young and vulnerable people using the camp with you. *
Please confirm that you understand the above statement:
Your access requirements
Please note, your carer will also need to complete a Volunteer's application form, provide a DBS Check and pay camp fees.
Please select yes even if only sometimes use it
Swimming pool
The pool will only be used under supervision
You MUST bring any swimming aids that you require with you. Pioneer II will not supply any floatation devices etc.
Payment of camp fees
Your personal information
Our website is primarily to recruit volunteers, campers and to raise funds. We will only use your image to promote Pioneer II or Woodlarks campsite.
After camp, a contact list may be circulated so you can keep in touch if you wish to. Please tick where appropriate which details, if any, you are happy to be included on the list
Security Screening
If you have not camped at Pioneer II before, please provide a character referee below. If you have camped at a Woodlarks Campsite Trust camp before, your referee should be your previous Camp Leader
Referee Name
Referee Name
Note: We cannot accept referees from family members.

How to Pay Camp Fees

We charge the same camp fees for Campers and Volunteers.  This year camp fees are £140 for the full week. This includes - accommodation, food, and entertainment!

You can pay your camp fees in one of three ways:

  • Pay cash on the first day of camp

  • Pay via bank transfer - you will be emailed bank details once your application has been accepted

  • Pay via cheque, details below

To pay via cheque:

  • Please make the cheque out to 'Pioneer Two'

  • Please post it to:  Cassandra Simpson,  184 Market Street, Eastleigh, Southampton, Hampshire, SO50 5PT

What if I pay and then don't receive a place at Pioneer II?

If you have paid for you place at Pioneer II but we are unable to offer you a place due to a shortage of volunteers we will refund your fee in full via cheque.